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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

See, I really am bad at these things...

I am terrible with blogs. I really don't have the time anymore, I have been so busy. So heres an update of what has been going on with me, since I have been MIA..

Well, for starters..back in mid-March, I started babysitting. Not just for money, because quite frankly..we really didn't need the extra money..but because of the situation my neighbor was in. We are very close, she is definitely my bff. She had a sitter lined up who watched the kids for a few days, and she had a few problems with her that well, is not my story to tell. Nothing majorly serious, but serious enough that she was fired..and I was irrate!!! I knew she was having trouble finding someone and didn't want just anyone to have her kids. So, since I was irrate about the situation, and she was getting pretty desperate I knew I needed to step in. For one, her kids know me very well and have been around me for over a year, and their kids are right around my kids' ages and they absolutely love playing together. So it worked out. Now 3-4 days out of the week M-F, I have a 1, 2, 3, & 4 year old. It's definitely quite amusing. Getting them to all nap at the same time is nearly impossible, but somedays it works. They keep Madilyn occupied most the time which works out well. Now let me tell you, for anyone who uses the excuse that because of their kids they are unable to clean, do laundry, anything like that..well, I don't see how. I have 4, and am able to accomplish all that plus more! I love being able to stay home, go to college online, and take care of my kids 24/7, and be able to bring in some cash! It's amazing to me, and well I am really going to miss it once my babies go into school. It tears me up thinking about it.

Some other things that have been going on with us...we got our taxes back in the beginning of March, and we re-did our house. We put in hardwood floors (laminate), and painted our living room and dining room. We also bought us a Wii, and for myself I got the Wii Fit Plus, Shaun got a paintball gun, which he has been unable to use thus far due to being so busy! I feel really bad about that I knew how much he had been looking forward to it, but we have just been so busy! I also must say that the kids got a ton of stuff. They were really spoiled! New clothes, nike shoes, and toys! They loved it! We still have a lot more to do, but it takes time. & we definitely have time!

Since the weather has been so nice out, we have been practically living outside. I got my flower bed together last week, and we are going to get a nice little shade tree for the front yard, and put flowers around it as well. It is really coming together for us and I absolutely love it! After a year of living here, and paying mortgage..we can finally call this OUR HOME. It's not just "our house" it really is OURS, because we are making it to be. Once I am able to get our front patio area cleaned off, it is going to be so nice, now only if I could teach Shaun how to grill, we would be set! Lol, I guess that is another project I am going to have to work on...haha.

I have been working towards losing all my baby weight plus some. My mother in-law, neighbor Krissi, and myself have been starting to lose weight together for 2 weeks now. I am down 12-13lbs, and I am really able to tell it in my face! My chubbiness is going away, yay! I started working out to the Biggest Loser Wii Fit game, and it is amazing and really kicks some butt! I also do some of the wii fit plus games as well, but they just get boring to me. I am working hard to strive for my goal, and I think within time I will definitely make it! I am doing this for myself, my husband, and best of kids. I want to be able to get out and run around with them without being winded after 5 minutes. I am ready to be athletic like I used to be, and feel great about myself, and be happy with myself for once. I can definitely say that being pregnant back to back had a huge factor on me, only because for such a long time losing weight has been an uphill battle for me. But! I am done using that as an excuse and get my ass to work. I can't blame it on pregnancy anymore, considering I have not been pregnant in 17 months! It's called plain laziness!

Last but not least, about a month ago I came down with the awful stomach virus. I have never in my life had it before. Im not one to fever, or puke anytime when I am sick, and I definitely did both, it was horrible. I missed my kids so much but all I could do was just sleep constantly. Madilyn ended up getting it that evening, and it was horrible. Shaun had to leave to go bowling for a league so my mom came over and helped me. I can't even begin to tell you how awful I felt for my mom. But it was nice to have her there while I was sick, it was comforting and sometimes you just need that. The next night Shaun began with it, and had it for a few days, mine only lasted for that one day, and Madilyn's lasted for about 3-4 days. Connor never caught it! We couldn't believe it, we were really shocked because everyone around us had caught it from us. Well..a month down the road after not having it for some time...Connor wakes up this morning..he seemed fine at first, then he just dropped to the floor and screamed saying his belly hurt. I got him something to drink, and eat..he drank but didn't eat. He kept crying it hurt him so bad, I felt helpless because I couldnt help my baby. I freaked out and my mom called the doctor for me. Thinking it might have been appendicitis or something, they wanted him in immediately. I felt so bad for Connor, but at the same time for my neighbor, he was about to walk out the door from dropping his kids off, and all of a sudden Connor puked everywhere! He snatched his kids up, and took them home. We got Connor to the doctor, and while waiting for the doctor Connor cried, and was so restless, he said he just wanted to go home and sleep in his bed because he was so tired. The doctor came in and ruled out strep due to his throat being red, and ears being a little red. He thoroughly checked him through ruling out things, and finally said he must have the stomach virus. If his stomach pains got worse to take him immediately to Children's Hospital. When we got home, Connor went straight to his room (we carried him because he said he couldnt walk) and he fell right to sleep after drinking a little sip of juice. The doctor told me if he didn't pee by atleast 4:30-5:00pm to take him to the hospital due to dehydration. He hadn't pee'd since lastnight around 10pm. So Connor slept until about 3:30, and I started pushing fluids through him...he finally pee'd right before 5:00pm. Then again at around 6:30pm. He hasn't pee'd since then, but after he awoke from his nap he said he felt so much better. The main reason we freaked about the appendicitis is because he was complaining that where it hurt was in his belly button, and it was a poking feeling. First sign of appendicitis is normally pain in the belly button. But he said it didn't hurt anymore, and I kept checking him and asking him. He is still running a slight fever but is calming down with Tylenol. He only threw up that one time, and let me tell you he is very lucky! That little boy has such a great immune system, and he can fight off stuff so fast. He has done a lot of sleeping but it didn't stop him from playing outside tonight after begging me. He played for about 45 minutes and came to me saying he was ready for bed. I felt so bad, I just wanted to cuddle him all day but he just wants to be in his bed, and so therefore I let him because I know thats where he is comfortable...

Well..there ya go for a long update..if you have read it this for...thanks hope you enjoyed! Hopefully it wont be longer than a month the next time I post. :-)

*Ashley Nicole*