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Friday, February 26, 2010

Our son, our life.

Connor Alan:
From beginning, to now.
The journey has been great, and we cannot
wait to learn more about you, and watch you grow
into the man you are mean't to be.
We hope you change the world,
because you have changed ours.
The things that used to matter, do not
matter anymore.
The biggest things we ever thought we had to deal with
it seems so small now.
Mommy and Daddy Loves You.

Welcome to the world baby boy.
This is the moment my life began, before this I knew nothing and was nothing.



6lbs 12.5oz 19 1/2in.

You are our world.

You are the most handsome boy, we have ever laid our eyes on.

You make us smile,
and you make us cry tears of joy.

We have watched you grow, and grow.

Your charm, your wit,
your laughter, your cries.

We will be here, until the
time comes that we have
to let you go, and take what
we have taught you, and
teach it to your own.

We love you so much Connor. You brighten our days
and you make life a fun ride.
We are so blessed you are ours,
and we can't imagine you not in our lives.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010 name is NOT daddy!

Yes, my daughter calls me Daddy, STILL. I figured that she would stop as she got older, but NO. She says momma sometimes, but shes a big time daddy's girl! Shaun has been working overtime all week so when he gets home she starts dancing and running up to him. She gets soooo excited! Connor is more a mommy's boy, and loves spending time with me. He likes Shaun for the guy things. Playing baseball, xbox,

Today, we had a baking day. We baked blueberry muffins, and brownies. Connor made everything himself and put the muffins into cupcake holders, and mixed everything himself!-lol He had a blast! Madilyn helped as well, but she did more taste testing than helping, lol.

We were without internet for 2 days, it finally came back on an hour before I had classes tonight. College is going good so far, I am holding a 4.0, but with all of these projects coming up, I'm afraid my points are going to drop some. I am hoping to hold no lower than a 95% to keep my 4.0. currently have 100% in writing class, and 99% in Medical Terminology. Everyone says online college sucks, or whatever. I totally disagree I think it depend on the person. I am better with online learning, plus the benefits of going to Kaplan University, is that we have live seminars with teachers and classmates. So I like it, and enjoy it for my lifestyle. I love being home with my kids, so I don't have to leave home to get a degree!

I was sitting here thinking the other day about all my old friends, and how I dont talk to see anyone anymore! I would love to get together with everyone. I was looking at yearbooks, and how I had no room for anymore signatures, and about how I never thought I would have kids and now I have two!

Shaun will be getting a vasectomy soon, we do not want anymore kids we think two is enough and we are blessed to have one of each. By the time Connor graduates I will be 37, and when Madilyn graduates I will be 38. I will still be young enough to go out and do things and feel young and go on vacations and I just dont think I want to have kids growing up while I am in my 40s. I want to be a somewhat young grandmother, so that I am still able to play with them, and not be crippled in a walker lol. Of course I really would prefer my kids to be out of college, married, and in a good career before thinking about children.

Ok enough blabbing for me. Off to bed I go, I'm so sleepy!!!

It's the Ruby's

Monday, February 22, 2010

As you may know..

I really am terrible with these things. I can never keep up with them, but here I go again..making yet another one. I think this may be number 3 or 4? Lot's of exciting things going on recently. First of all...Connor turned 3 a week ago!! THREE YEARS OLD. Where does that time go? I remember holding him as an infant and cuddling with him all the time, awh I miss those days. I also am attending college at Kaplan University Online Campus. I finished my first term in January and I made President's List. Wow, what an accomplishment that was for me!

We are really not that exciting of a family. We do not have much drama going on, we try to stay away from it as much as possible. We don't do much, just kind of average I suppose. Although Connor thinks we are crazy, and that our house is crazy, and he doesn't like to play here, but he would prefer to play at Papaw's house because his house is NOT crazy!! He is so ready to go to school he wants to go so bad, but I think I'm going to wait until he is 4 to send him to preschool. He is STILL my baby and always will be. Ugh I do not want him to grow up, it's just not fair! Madilyn is definitely Shaun's carbon copy..she is just like him. She is sassy and has this grin that just makes you forget what you were even mad about. She is such a little trouble maker. Let me tell you, she loves to eat dog grosses me out so bad! She is just such a tomboy, she loves to be dirty! -lol-

Shaun and I just celebrated our 8 years of being together, and our 2 year anniversary on Sunday, and I just can't believe its been so long. We are still going strong, we have our moments but who doesn't. Not everyone agrees with everything everyone does, so of course we are going to have arguments. We plan to go to Gatlinburg, TN this coming June and we are so excited. It will just be the two of us, while our parents watch the kids for us. We need this big time. We never had a honeymoon, and we've never really celebrated an anniversary just the two of us going and doing something. So therefore; we thought this would be great for the both of us, relax in the hottub, look at a mountains. BTW the cabin we are wanting to stay in is this..
We are hoping by the time we get our tax returns, it is still available! It is so beautiful and the view is gorgeous and breath taking!

I don't have much else to talk about, so I'm heading to bed, to snuggle with my love.

((It's the Ruby's))