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Wednesday, February 24, 2010 name is NOT daddy!

Yes, my daughter calls me Daddy, STILL. I figured that she would stop as she got older, but NO. She says momma sometimes, but shes a big time daddy's girl! Shaun has been working overtime all week so when he gets home she starts dancing and running up to him. She gets soooo excited! Connor is more a mommy's boy, and loves spending time with me. He likes Shaun for the guy things. Playing baseball, xbox,

Today, we had a baking day. We baked blueberry muffins, and brownies. Connor made everything himself and put the muffins into cupcake holders, and mixed everything himself!-lol He had a blast! Madilyn helped as well, but she did more taste testing than helping, lol.

We were without internet for 2 days, it finally came back on an hour before I had classes tonight. College is going good so far, I am holding a 4.0, but with all of these projects coming up, I'm afraid my points are going to drop some. I am hoping to hold no lower than a 95% to keep my 4.0. currently have 100% in writing class, and 99% in Medical Terminology. Everyone says online college sucks, or whatever. I totally disagree I think it depend on the person. I am better with online learning, plus the benefits of going to Kaplan University, is that we have live seminars with teachers and classmates. So I like it, and enjoy it for my lifestyle. I love being home with my kids, so I don't have to leave home to get a degree!

I was sitting here thinking the other day about all my old friends, and how I dont talk to see anyone anymore! I would love to get together with everyone. I was looking at yearbooks, and how I had no room for anymore signatures, and about how I never thought I would have kids and now I have two!

Shaun will be getting a vasectomy soon, we do not want anymore kids we think two is enough and we are blessed to have one of each. By the time Connor graduates I will be 37, and when Madilyn graduates I will be 38. I will still be young enough to go out and do things and feel young and go on vacations and I just dont think I want to have kids growing up while I am in my 40s. I want to be a somewhat young grandmother, so that I am still able to play with them, and not be crippled in a walker lol. Of course I really would prefer my kids to be out of college, married, and in a good career before thinking about children.

Ok enough blabbing for me. Off to bed I go, I'm so sleepy!!!

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  1. I am going to school online too. I absolutely love it! It's been great & much easier than going to class. I get to spend more time with Carson. So I do not think online schooling sucks. It's been the best thing I've done this year. And I looked through my yearbooks too when we moved & it's so crazy the path my life has gone compared to where I thought I would be now. But I love it. I have only one kid for now we have been TTC since August with no luck =[ But after the 3rd child Jeff is getting "fixed" too. hahha