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Friday, February 26, 2010

Our son, our life.

Connor Alan:
From beginning, to now.
The journey has been great, and we cannot
wait to learn more about you, and watch you grow
into the man you are mean't to be.
We hope you change the world,
because you have changed ours.
The things that used to matter, do not
matter anymore.
The biggest things we ever thought we had to deal with
it seems so small now.
Mommy and Daddy Loves You.

Welcome to the world baby boy.
This is the moment my life began, before this I knew nothing and was nothing.



6lbs 12.5oz 19 1/2in.

You are our world.

You are the most handsome boy, we have ever laid our eyes on.

You make us smile,
and you make us cry tears of joy.

We have watched you grow, and grow.

Your charm, your wit,
your laughter, your cries.

We will be here, until the
time comes that we have
to let you go, and take what
we have taught you, and
teach it to your own.

We love you so much Connor. You brighten our days
and you make life a fun ride.
We are so blessed you are ours,
and we can't imagine you not in our lives.


  1. I just can't believe that the tiny baby boy that I held when he was just a couple days old is that handsome big 3 year old!!! Such a big boy! Love this post!

  2. I know Jess, it is so sad to think he was so tiny, his little head was smaller than shaun's hand! Now he's so big, and so smart!!